Maintaining speed while saving fuel. It’s a tough balancing act. We understand your daily challenges of delivering on time while controlling your costs. That’s why we’ve developed a unique powertrain that delivers enhanced performance. And improved fuel efficiency.

Your profitability is key to our thinking. By increasing your average speed, you’re able to improve your own productivity. And that of your customers. At the same time, you save fuel and reduce your environmental impact.

Sounds easy? Read on.

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Performance and Fuel top Features 

Better Startability With Crawler Gears

I-Shift with crawler gears. Developed for heavy transport and construction. A faster rear axle ratio allows you to maintain cruising speed at much lower revs. And lower revs save fuel. Starting from standstill with heavy loads just got much easier. Even in extreme conditions with up to 325 tonnes onboard.

More power. Less fuel

More efficient than ever before. The perfect balance between driveability and fuel economy.

Our new integrated powertrain features an enhanced Euro-6 engine and Volvo’s unique I-Shift. Compression ratio is increased on the D13 420 and 460 hp versions. There is also a new optimised turbocharger on the 500 and 540 hp variants of the D13 engine.

Several advancements to engine and gearbox. A significant improvement to performance and fuel.

The Right Ratio

What do we mean by the correct ratio? Well, it’s all about rear axles. These are the last link in an efficient chain which delivers power from the engine to the truck’s wheels.

By equipping our rear axle with the right ratio for long haul, it works in perfect harmony with our D13 engine and I-Shift Dual Clutch.The result? Lower revs. A more comfortable drive. And greater fuel efficiency.

The Human Factor

It goes without saying that new technology delivers on fuel efficiency and safety. However, there is one key factor above all others. The driver.

Our courses are designed to create better drivers. Safer drivers. More efficient drivers. Our Driver Development and Advanced Fuel Economy focuses on just this. A profitable investment for any haulage company.

Combining this with coaching using Dynafleet Fuel & Environment is a positive step towards a more profitable future. For you. And your business.

I-Cruise Helps Keep Speed Steady

Intelligent cruise control. I-Cruise adjusts your speed to keep fuel consumption down. This not only helps towards your productivity by maintaining a high average speed. It also contributes to a safer, more comfortable drive.

Every Road Remembered

Which route will use up least fuel? I-See memorises and stores all hills in a central database. Free for other trucks to use. This information allows the truck to automatically react to gradients in order to avoid unnecessary gear changes. No maps or GPS required.

Combine I-Cruise with I-See and you have a faithful fuel-saving partner.

Check The Pressure

Tyre pressure. It’s easy to underestimate the effect it can have on your profitability. Together with correctly aligned wheels and axles, the right pressure in your tyres can go a long way to helping you save fuel and money in the long run.

Shut Down And Save Fuel

Small changes can make a big difference. Engine driven components consume fuel when in use. Air compressors. Steering servo pump. And even the engine itself. Shutting them off when they are not in use saves fuel. And money.

Energy saving tyres

Our tyres help bring out the best in your truck. For example, 315/70 R22.5 tyres are specifically designed for long haul transport. Fuel savers to suit your assignment.

Airflow Package Minimises Wind Resistance

A smooth body keeps fuel consumption down. With the help of wind tunnel tests, we have fine-tuned the wind deflectors. The result? Significantly lower fuel consumption.

Raise The Drive Axle

Lower turning radius. Maximum traction. Lower fuel consumption. Tandem Axel Lift is a unique feature for 6x4 or 8x4 configurations. It combines the traction and load capacity of four-wheel-drive with the driveability and efficiency of two-wheel-drive.

When the truck is unloaded, simply push a button to disengage and raise the axle. As soon as it is loaded again, the drive axle automatically lowers and engages. Ensuring maximum traction and driveability.

Also, by disengaging the drive axle when it isn’t needed, you can further reduce your fuel consumption by up to 4%.

No Unplanned Stops

Our promise: Maximum uptime. Our groundbreaking service planning remotely connects your truck to the workshop. Accurate preventive maintenance saves fuel. And keeps your truck on the road.

Save Fuel With Dynafleet

Just how fuel-efficient can you get? With Dynafleet Fuel & Environment, you can follow the exact performance of your trucks and drivers.

The Fuel Efficiency score helps to improve driver performance. And increases your bottom line.

How would you like your i-shift?

Make I-Shift work for your business. There are a range of software packages to suit your driving conditions. Long Haul & Fuel Economy optimises cruising speeds. This makes for efficient highway driving.

How It Works

Explore the technical features that made the paragliding stunt possible. It’s all about maintaining high average speed with the help of the unique powertrain that delivers performance without interruption – and yet with lowered fuel consumption.