Born street smart

Volvo FL cab exterior

Compact, dynamic and unmistakeably a Volvo. The Volvo FL was born for the streets. The V-shaped lights, the clear window areas and the slender cab profile shows that this is a Volvo truck built for the city.

Compact and close

The Volvo FL is built for the city. The exterior cab dimensions are compact and regardless of cab model, the driving position is close to the street. In the driver’s seat you have the ideal conditions to make eye contact with other road users and improve traffic safety.

What’s your cab type?

Choose between three different cab models. Each with its own speciality depending on whether you want a really compact cab format, need more interior space or want to bring a whole crew to a work site.

Three-piece bumper concept

The innovative bumper concept incorporates steel corners that provide excellent impact resistance. And if a single part is damaged, it’s easy to replace.

Generous window areas

The Volvo FL cabs offer generous window areas for excellent visibility. If you want to enchance your direct vision even more, you can get your Volvo FL with a number of extra windows.

Got a question?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will have the answer. Drop in, give them a call or ask them to come and see you.