Volvo FL Electric。 送貨上門

在受限的城市環境中,您需要能夠在狹窄街道上行駛並靠近交貨點的貨車。 因此,您需要一輛堅實且靈活的貨車: 像這樣的兩軸車型,車輛總重高達 16.7 噸。 它非常適合市區配送和垃圾清運等城市運輸任務。 為了簡化邁向電氣化運輸的過渡期,這類貨車提供了充電、路線和範圍規劃、電池監控等服務和支援配套方案。

最重達 16.7 噸 GCW

最高達 130 kW 功率

Up to 450km

Stay productive and in control

Adding a Volvo FL Electric to your operation is easy. You get access to constant truck monitoring and predictive service planning to secure uptime and deliveries. We have also added extra peace of mind through route planning, positioning with real-time energy status, follow up reports and more. All conveniently accessed and overviewed in the Volvo Connect portal and app.

Smooth operating powertrain

The powertrain, with an electric motor combined with a 2-speed gearbox, offers a very smooth driving experience. The massive power of up to 130 kW/175 hp is handled by a unique traction control system also developed to master slippery surfaces. 

Range for your needs

With a range of up to 450 km, the latest generation of battery technology lets you tailor the Volvo FL Electric just the right way for your needs. If your assignments require less range between charging – you can instead increase your load capacity drastically. Your Volvo Trucks dealer will help you to get the right truck for the job.

Volvo FL Electric 規格


Volvo FL Electric

Axle Configurations​

Rigid: 4×2

All axles are air suspended



Day cab, short sleeper cab


Gross Combination Weight 

Up to 16.7 tonnes  
Battery capacity280–565 kWh, 3 to 6 batteries  


Up to 450 km

Charging time (full charge​, 4 battery packs)

16.8 h with AC (22 kW)

​2.3 h with DC (150 kW)



Single electric motor, 2-speed gearbox  
PerformanceUp to 130 kW (175 hp) continuous power  


Suitability for body-work. Electric PTO






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