How technology contributes to efficient driving

Jose Talamantes Pavon
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Jose Talamantes Pavon
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Connectivity and data analytics are creating new opportunities in driver development and coaching. Whether you’re an owner-driver or a fleet manager, this has the potential to improve fuel consumption, uptime and safety. 

There are many factors that influence a truck’s fuel consumption – many of which are outside of the driver’s control. However, driving technique does make a difference and any investment in driver development and coaching is likely to be returned through lower consumption, fewer accidents and reduced wear on components.

New technologies create better drivers

The challenge when it comes to driver development is knowing which specific skills can be improved. Connectivity and data analytics are making it easier to identify these potential improvements, giving businesses and drivers the opportunity to tailor coaching accordingly.

Trucks today produce vast amounts of data every time they are out on the road, and increasingly this data can generate useful insights. For example, is there a specific route or stretch of road where fuel consumption is always higher? Or certain situations where harsh braking is more common?

Whether drivers are beginners or experienced, the right type of driver coaching together with connectivity and data analytics, could help any driver to perfect their technique and make an impact on any business.

In our guide about how new technology is making it easier to drive more efficiently, you can learn:

●  How drivers and technology can work together to prevent accidents

●  How connected services and a good driving technique reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

●  How to apply digital driver coaching services in practice

●  How AI and machine learning are driving the development of future driver coaching services

Guide: How technology contributes to efficient driving