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  • Volvo Trucks’ line-up at the IAA 2024 exhibition will be packed with proof points of Volvo’s determination to decarbonize transport and prevent accidents. Volvo will show trucks with battery-electric powertrains, fuel cells and renewable fuels in combustion engines – a strategy that enables sustainable transport today and tomorrow.

  • Volvo’s electric trucks have driven more than 80 million kilometers or 2,000 laps around the world since Volvo launched its first electric truck models in 2019. These trucks have reduced CO2 emissions and at the same time improved the working environment for drivers significantly.

  • The new Volvo FH16 is Europe’s most powerful truck but also a very fuel efficient one – and it can run on 100% renewable fuels. On-road tests confirm that the all-new engine in the FH16 achieves 5% better fuel economy and lower emissions while adding 7% more torque - a combination that increases efficiency and productivity for the most demanding transport tasks.

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    Volvo to launch hydrogen-powered trucks

    Volvo Trucks is developing trucks with combustion engines that run on hydrogen. On-road tests with trucks using hydrogen in combustion engines will begin in 2026, and the commercial launch is planned towards the end of this decade. Trucks that run on green hydrogen provide a significant step to Volvo achieving its net zero goal and supporting customers to reach their decarbonization targets.

  • A full range of new Volvo truck models can now be powered by 100% biodiesel, offering another renewable fuel choice for customers looking to reduce CO2 emissions from transport here and now.

  • to Launch Green Transportation, Reducing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in Cement Products Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce its historic collaboration with Taiwan Transport and Storage Corp. (TTS) in pioneering the adoption of electric transportation. At the "Low Carbon EV Green Transportation Launch Ceremony" held today (April 18th), Volvo Trucks conducted the delivery ceremony of the first Volvo electric tractor in Taiwan, marking a significant milestone as Taiwan Cement Corp. (TCC) becomes the first company in the country to utilize electric tractors for cement transportation, signaling a crucial step towards low-carbon transportation. Mr. Koo Kung-yi, Chairman of TTS, Mr. Roman Cheng, General Manager of TCC, Mr. Johan Selvén, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volvo Trucks, Mr. David Tung, Managing Director of Taikoo Motors Group, and Mr. Chen Wei-zhong, Director of Commercial Vehicles at Taikoo Motors Group, were all present at the event to express their utmost importance and commitment to this collaboration. The newly designed electric tractor for bulk cement transportation, along with the tank container, made its debut at the event.

  • Volvo launches its first truck model ever developed only with electric drive. With capacity for heavy loads and excellent visibility for the driver, FM Low Entry is an electric truck optimized for safe and efficient driving in city areas.

  • Volvo Trucks is introducing a new engine for its iconic FH16 truck. With up to 780 Hp and 3800 Nm, the new 17-litre engine can handle the toughest transport assignments with ease, while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency and durability. The new engine is certified to run on biofuels.

  • Volvo’s range of heavy-duty trucks – the Volvo FH, FM and FMX models – are being upgraded with new technologies and the latest in camera monitoring for even better efficiency, safety and productivity for demanding businesses.

  • Volvo Trucks’ iconic FH truck range gets a new family member with the Volvo FH Aero. With aerodynamic design and innovative features, the FH Aero offers energy efficiency at a new level, available in four variants including biofuel and the award-winning electric version.

  • Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-new heavy-duty truck platform for the North American market in parallel to a new heavy-duty truck range for Europe, Australia and markets in Asia and Africa. New energy efficient models – including trucks running on electricity and renewable fuels – will reduce CO2 emissions and take the company closer to the target of having a net-zero emission product range by year 2040.

  • Volvo Trucks has scooped the prestigious industry award for its Volvo FH Electric. It’s the first time ever that an electric truck wins the award.

  • Wattanakol Transports 2001 Co., Ltd., a prominent player in Thailand's transportation industry, is making significant strides with the acquisition of 14 units of new Volvo FH trucks, a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in cross-border heavy haulage. These new additions include 10 trucks with 440 HP and 4 trucks with a powerful 610 HP, marking a significant expansion and diversification of their fleet.

  • Volvo Trucks continues to lead the market while advancing markets globally. After providing the first environmentally friendly transportation in a few Southeast Asian regions, we are currently having positive discussions with customers in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. Even if the market for renewable fuels is still small, a definite trend can be seen: many of our clients are now starting their own move to environmentally friendly transportation. Volvo Trucks provides services that can help our clients prevent empty truckloads, cut down on waste in the transportation system, and improve logistics. This will benefit both the environment and the operators.

  • A national network of public fast chargers for heavy electric trucks is opening in Sweden. The charging network is powered by renewable energy. A new service from Volvo Trucks makes it easy for haulers to find and access the charging stations.

  • Volvo Trucks introduced the Volvo FE Electric 6x2R for urban mobility at the exhibition on September 14–15, 2023 in Hong Kong, with the aim of focusing on the relationship between emerging sectors and renewable energy.

  • Time to celebrate! Today it’s 30 years since Volvo Trucks introduced the Volvo FH, the company’s most sold truck ever. From its start, Volvo’s flagship model has been characterized by its distinctive exterior and interior design, superb driver comfort and technically advanced efficiency and safety solutions.

  • Volvo Trucks and DSV Air & Sea have signed an MoU to accelerate the shift to zero exhaust emission vehicles in Singapore. The Volvo FL electric would largely be used for urban transportation.

  • Volvo Trucks is pleased to announce the first delivery of an electric truck in Taiwan to WRC PACIFIC, LTD (WRCP). The delivery took place at Taikoo Kaohsiung Flagship Service Center, belonging to national dealer Taikoo Commercial Vehicles. WRCP becomes the proud owner of a Volvo FE electric truck, demonstrating its firm commitment to green transportation and recognizing the leadership of Volvo Trucks in electric trucks and Taikoo in the supply of commercial vehicles. WRCP, Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles are joining forces in Taiwan to move towards a zero-emissions future.

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    Volvo delivers 74-tonne electric truck

    Volvo Trucks has delivered an electric truck for heavy transport to a haulier in Gothenburg, Sweden. The truck can handle a total weight of 74 tonnes.

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