Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System improves the truck's aerodynamics and reduces the energy consumption. It offers improved direct vision, enhanced night vision and reduced blind spot areas close to the truck.

Streamlined for efficiency

Rear-view mirrors have an influence on aerodynamics, regardless of how streamlined they are. With cameras, the truck shape is more streamlined to reduce energy consumption.

A better view

Improved vision

The removal of the mirrors results in increased direct vision since there are no mirror housings blocking any parts of your view. The Camera Monitor System also means improved rear view vision during rain as well as a reduction in disturbance from direct sunlight. All contributing to a better driver experience.

Zoom out

When precise maneuvers are needed, the Camera Monitor System assists by letting you zoom in for a more focused view, or zoom out for a wider angle. A smart toggle lets you shift between different fields of view, narrow or wide angle.

Enhanced night vision

At night or in dim conditions, infra-red light support can be activated. It offers enhanced night vision with a better view than traditional mirrors would offer in dark operations.

Cameras and displays

Cameras for you view

The Camera Monitor System includes up to three cameras. One on the driver side, one on the passenger side and an optional corner front passenger camera on the passenger side. The cameras provide main rearview and wide-angle rearview. The camera lenses automatically heat up in cold conditions to melt ice or snow, and remove mist and moisture.

Multiple displays

The system offers multiple views on different screens. The main rearview and the wide-angle rearview are shown on the monitors. The front close-up mirror is right where you expect it to be, and it offers a perfect view of the area near the truck in front of the cab.

Surveillance mode

When parked, the Camera Monitor System can be activated in surveillance mode to help the driver see what’s gong on around the truck.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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