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With a great amount of experience from design work in the automotive industry, Jonathan Disley is now heading the role as Volvo Trucks’ design director. Let’s hear about his vision for designing trucks.

Why did you become a designer?

“I have always liked to design things, to think of the future and outside of the box. My father was a carpenter and he made me interested in drawing furniture. I took design classes back home in England, but it was not until I was 13 or 14 that someone told me that I could draw and design things for a living – what an eye opener! Already back then I preferred to design things with a clear purpose, a reason why I later chose to study industrial design.”

What do you find most interesting with design in the transportation business?

“Trucks are commercial vehicles, so everything we do, we do it to make life easier for our customers and for the drivers. I want to focus on our customers and their needs. Over deliver on the promise of being an incredible brand and amazing product.”

How do you find new inspiration?

“Scandinavian nature is a great source of inspiration – warm summers, cold winters, hard rocks, soft sand, deep forests, silent snow, strong contrasts everywhere, there is also an abundance of simplicity found in design. This is what we bring into the design of our trucks. I also find inspiration in creating ideas with our skilled designers and engineers.”

What does innovation look and feel like?

“Like something you’ve never seen before, but still a Volvo. A product that uses technology to offer more value to the customer, more efficient solutions, a premium product, beautiful details, cool design with superior quality and great road presence.”

What is your vision for trucks of the future?

“I think that infrastructure will change as transportation becomes more autonomous and we see changes of energy systems. Truck design can take advantage of this but there will always be a need for drivers and human interaction too. We will always need to transport goods and I am also convinced that trucks will be more harmonious with the environment and a sustainable future. Technology offers so much potential, and I am incredibly excited about the opportunities that it brings.”


Name: Jonathan Disley

Origin: England

Career until now: Numerous global design roles in the automotive business both at Audi, Ford and Volvo Cars. I have been based in the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden and China before coming to Volvo Trucks.

When not working: Fishing, biking, tennis, snowboarding. I like to try new things.

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