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Hong Kong

The Volvo FL, for premium city distribution

Your city sidekick

Volvo FL

This small, medium-duty truck is ultra-agile and highly dependable. It's perfect for city deliveries with plenty of stops and starts. But it can be adapted for rougher conditions too.

It's built for constant use - and a range of services and extra features keeps it on the road. Improving your uptime, increasing your efficiency, and boosting your bottom line.

City slicker



Volvo FL overview alley truck

Fuel efficiency, built-in

A specially-designed engine. Our intelligent I-Sync transmission. And a fistful of fuel-saving services. The Volvo FL is fuel efficiency on four (or six) wheels.

Volvo FL overview street truck

Uptime – get more

Our services and innovations help prevent standstills. And if they do happen, minimise them. It’s as simple – and vital – as that.

Volvo FL overview crash

Seriously safe

A suite of outstanding safety features. And a cab engineered to keep you and other road users safe.

Incredibly manoeuvrable in tight city traffic
Volvo FL overview vespa truck

Take the easy exit

In a tight spot? The Volvo FL’s tight turning circle, assisted gear changes and advanced driving ergonomics make it incredibly manoeuvrable. And the four-wheel drive version is capable in any situation.

Get up close to the Volvo FL

Explore every feature of the Volvo FL. Then visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer for a hands-on tour.