Volvo Trucks

Hong Kong


As gross combination weights increase, our factory-built five-axle combinations offer greater flexibility, increased payload and improved income potential.

No delays. No additional costs.

Getting a five-axle truck directly from us provides a range of benefits.  You get your truck quicker. There’s no costly retrofitting. And since we deliver the whole vehicle, we offer a full Volvo warranty and aftermarket support. Plus, we deliver the truck with a full vehicle type approval.

Greater flexibility

The five-axle Volvo FM is equipped with dual front axles and an air-suspended Tridem bogie (with a tag axle), allowing a maximum gross vehicle weight of 56 tonnes. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as concrete mixers, fire trucks, sky lifts and large cranes.


Talk to your local Volvo Trucks dealer. They can answer all your questions, and help you spec your perfect 10x4.