Video about how Volvo Dynamic Steering works

How Volvo Dynamic Steering works

Ultra responsive steering technology

Our patented technology combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electric motor that's fitted to the steering gear. Processing input from multiple sensors, the ECU (Electrical Control Unit) works out where the truck’s going and the driver's intention. The motor is controlled 2,000 times every second, and uses a principle called 'torque overlay' to correct unintentional steering movements and to provide extra steering torque when needed.Volvo Dynamic Steering is now available for all axle configurations – including those with dual front axles.

Volvo FH dynamic steering

Effortless driving at any speed

At high speeds, Volvo Dynamic Steering keeps you stable and dead on course. And during slow and careful manoeuvring, it provides the steering force for you, no matter the load. We’re perfectly serious when we say, you can steer the new Volvo FH with one finger.

Truck driver reversing with Volvo Dynamic Steering

Backwards. Now as easy as forwards.

We’ve taken the strain out of reversing a fully loaded truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering gives you perfect precision, near effortless steering and returns the wheel to neutral automatically. And with improved course stability you can reverse more than a 100 metres without drifting off course.

Volvo FH arrow straight driving

Arrow straight driving in any condition

The course corrections you make after braking on an uneven surface? Gone. Kicks from potholes, road ruts and markings? Almost undetectable. Volvo Dynamic Steering even balances the effect of strong side winds. So loosen your grip on the steering wheel – the truck will only change direction when you want it to.

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