Volvo FL 4x4 with hub reduction on both axles

More traction

Pitted gravel roads? Snow-covered streets? Off-road terrain? The Volvo FL 4x4 provides all the traction you need. The driven front axle and the new rear axle both have hub reduction. So even when it gets really tough, you just push a button to activate the low gear on the distribution gearbox.

Volvo FL 4x4 with more ground clearance

More clearance

With its XX-High chassis, the Volvo FL 4×4 gives you superior ground clearance, so you’re less likely to get stuck or damage the truck when you drive over rough terrain.

There’s up to 329 millimetres of ground clearance at the front. And up to 319 millimetres at the rear. That’s an increase of 60 and 100 millimetres respectively on the standard Volvo FL.

The superior ground clearance also gives you a 25-degree approach angle – which really helps on steep inclines or when negotiating obstacles.

Key specifications

14-tonne 16-tonne
Chassis height XX-High XX-High XX-High
Front axle load 5.6 t 5.6 t 5.6 t
Rear axle load
7.4 t 9.2 t 10.9 t
Engine D8K250 or D8K280 (Euro 6)
Gearbox ZTO1006*
Rear axle RSH1140C
Tyres 275-70R22.5", 10R22.5" or 11R22.5"
Cab Day cab, comfort cab or crew cab
* AL306 (automatic) is available as an option

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