Secure transport

As every driver knows – loading matters. Poor positioning and security can mean accidents, damaged goods, fines or theft. And that affects the customer satisfaction and therefore your profitability. 

Our secure transport course draws on years of Volvo safety research to help you take the risk out of loading. We’ll look at the forces at work within a moving vehicle, different types of equipment for securing loads and handling goods, and the regulations every driver needs to know. You’ll also leave with strategies to protect against theft.

Course material

  • Distributing and securing cargo
  • Loading risks, including sliding, friction and tipping
  • Securing methods, such as lashing, blocking and chocking
  • Payload and load distribution
  • Forces acting on the load
  • Equipment used for securing cargo
  • Liabilities – legislation and responsibilities
  • Load security
  • Crime prevention techniques 

Course benefits

  • Safer cargo handling
  • Increased driver and transport security
  • Less risk of damaged or lost goods, and vehicle damage
  • Knowledge of how to efficiently avoid theft
  • Fewer fines and lower insurance costs 

Course details

  • CPC hours
  • Training method
  • Course Cost
  • Course reference

Drive more securely

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