Your world can change in 10cm

A Volvo Reman brake caliper keeps you safe and gives you the performance and reliability that you expect from a Volvo truck. The tolerances are perfectly aligned to the last millimetre and fit all vehicles built from 2006 onwards.

We remanufacture parts so that you never need to compromise. This is why our Volvo Reman brake calipers come with a 2-year international warranty.


A complete Volvo Reman brake caliper unit

You can now purchase a complete remanufactured Volvo Reman brake caliper for trucks manufactured from 2006 and onwards. By choosing Volvo Reman brake calipers you maintain the integrity of your braking system and keep future maintenance and repair costs to a minimum. In fact, everything works just as it did when your truck originally left the factory.


2 Years Fitted Parts Warranty

When you choose a complete remanufactured brake caliper unit from Volvo Reman fitted by one of our highly skilled workshop technicians, we offer the same warranty as a new part. With access to a global service network, it also means that no matter where you are in the world, your warranty still applies and you’re covered internationally.

Maximising uptime

Why waste time repairing a brake caliper when you can easily replace a complete unit? Volvo Reman Parts are remanufactured to equal or exceed original levels of performance, reliability and quality. The process is quite simple. You return your worn part and buy a complete Volvo Reman part in return. The worn part is inspected and, if approved, then remanufactured. We then store the part in our global warehouse network until another customer needs it.

Competitive pricing

Remanufactured parts are competitively priced because we care about your total cost of ownership. We want you to feel that you can profitably maintain your Volvo truck without compromising quality, performance or reliability. Remanufactured parts help you to keep your Volvo a Volvo.

Volvo safety & performance

When it comes to avoiding an accident, safety can be measured in centimetres. That’s why Volvo Trucks brake technology provides a very high degree of safety. It’s an integral part of the Volvo Trucks brand. Greater stability, reduced stopping distance and enhanced road holding can only be achieved when the braking system is functioning perfectly. Remanufactured parts ensure the system stays this way and where needed, we update the part using the latest technology – to continue the level of safety and performance you expect from Volvo Trucks.

Environmental care

Exchanging worn parts allow Volvo to supply high-quality and cost-effective exchange parts, while reducing raw-material use by up to 85%, which leads to environmental advantages for us all. All in line with Volvo’s core values of quality, safety and environmental care.

Never compromise on safety

Contact your local dealer and get your fitted price on Volvo Reman brake caliper.