Safety is one of the driving forces behind every decision we make. Our vision of a zero-accident future is one which covers all road users, guides the way to a better future – and drives us towards our goal of making the world’s safest trucks.

Nine new and updated safety features launched

We examine how they can increase safety for drivers and other road users.

Central to our heritage, and a part of our DNA.

Globally, more than 1.3 million people die each year in road accidents. If we are to reduce these numbers, we must consider safety for all road users. So we look at safety from different perspectives: inside as well as outside the truck. This approach enables us to create systems that go beyond what's required by legislation, and guides us towards our vision of zero accidents involving our trucks.

Almost 100 years of dedication to safety have taught us that as we move into the future, requirements change – constantly. We envision a sustainable future where transport solutions are safer and more efficient, helping to move society in the right direction. 


Safety for everyone

Our safety vision is about safety for everyone. Because for us, developing safer trucks has always been about more than protection. We create smart safety systems that are designed to monitor truck behavior and surrounding traffic – not just to protect, but to predict safety hazards and react. The systems may be out of sight, but they are engineered to activate and to support the driver in a wide variety of conceivable situations. And by doing so, they make the trucks as safe as possible for the driver – as well as all other road users. 

Adaptive high beam


Collision Warning with Emergency Brake

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Safety for everyone

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Our vision is zero accidents with Volvo trucks. Cutting-edge vehicle technology is essential to reduce accidents and injuries. Nonetheless - the most important safety system even in a modern truck is still the driver.

A global approach

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Here’s where you can find technical product information about each truck, by model, in several languages, that lets you understand how to react and plan rescue operations in case of an accident. All guides are downloadable in PDF format. 

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