Stop Look Wave is a simple, fun way to teach kids around the world how to stay safe on the roads. Find out more and download the training materials here.


All you have to do is:


If you're going to cross the street, stop.


Look both ways, and make eye contact with any drivers near you.


Wave at the drivers, and wait for a wave back. Then, cross.

Since Stop Look Wave was launched in 2015, it’s reached children in more than 30 countries worldwide. It increases awareness, encourages safe behaviour and can help save lives.

Stop, look, wave… and dance!

As part of Stop Look Wave we’ve made this song and music video to help spread the message. Can you get a classroom full of kids up on their feet and dancing to the song? 

You can also download the video in the list further down this page, or watch it on our YouTube channel

About the initiative

This short film has been made to explain exactly why it’s so important to stop, look and wave, as well as introducing the concept of road traffic safety in a fun, memorable and – above all else – kid-friendly way.


Download the videos, in both left-hand-driving and right-hand-driving versions, below, or check it out on our YouTube channel.

Downloadable teaching resources

The resources include an activity mat that can be downloaded and printed out, as well as figures: great for if you want to run a lesson on the subject, or just ask kids to practice their road safety skills on their own.

Your road safety licence

A fun driver’s licence can be printed out and awarded to every student who learns how to stop, look and wave. 

Ready to get started?

You can start teaching kids about the initiative right now – and here’s where you’ll find all of the resources you need, ready to print out and start using. Simply click on the links and download them from this page.

Instructions/guide (left hand driving, PDF)Download
Instructions/guide (right hand driving, PDF)Download
Interactive story (left hand driving, PowerPoint)Download
Interactive story (right hand driving, PowerPoint)Download
Animated film (left hand driving)Download
Animated film (right hand driving)Download
Street mat - for printing on vinyl* (left hand driving, PDF)Download
Street mat - for printing on vinyl* (right hand driving, PDF)Download
Street mat - for printing on paper** (left hand driving, PDF)Download
Street mat - for printing on paper** (right hand driving, PDF)Download
Figures for street mat (PDF)Download
Stop Look Wave licence (PDF)Download
Stop Look Wave songDownload
Stop Look Wave music videoDownload

* Vinyl mats can be printed on 900g/sqm vinyl. Size 1400 x 705mm

** Paper mats can be printed on twelve sheets of A3 and then taped together

Want to know more?

“Safety never stops, and raising awareness of the dangers faced by pedestrians and cyclists is of vital importance. Stop Look Wave has had a great impact worldwide, which gives us even more of a reason to keep it up to date."

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